What we have achieved over the years,
It can not/never be bound by words but you know what? Let us give it a try ..!

  • Founded In 2010

    Headrun was started in 2010 in Bangalore, India with the goal of building a company capable of applying advanced technology to solve practical problems - an accelerator of applied computer science. What started as a two member team hacking away on code in a spare bedroom has grown exponentially to 75 buzzing headrunners.

  • Technology

    We started as data miners crawling the web and providing pruned data to our clients in the form of json and transformed ourselves to data scientists now. Yes, we have gathered that humongous data over years.

  • Cloud

    When it comes to migrations, we follow the Django way. We've witnessed and adapted to the storage transformation from Servers to Cloud.

  • Python on LAMP stack

    Specialized in Python language on LAMP Stack.

  • 75 Buzzing Headrunners

    Fast growing tech startups