Technology at its best for our services


OTT/video meta crawl | Sports/Real Estate database aggregation | Comparison engines | Custom Mashups


We develop custom web applications - Python Django being our major and Php Laravel our secondary.

Cluster Management

Managed server clusters of 100 + machines | Monitoring uptime , deploying software , maintaining state | Distributed monitoring using Nagios, SNMP integration | Distributed configuration management using Chef/Puppet |

OSS Strategy Consulting

OSS deployment consultation | OSS Deployment and support | Experience with Postgres, Hadoop, MongoDB and Raik |

Mobile and Web App development

IOS and Android Dev | intricacies of codebase fragmentation and resultant cost factors | Django/Python/Mysql/Apache/Nginx environments |

Custom Software Build

Custom Data Extraction and DaaS solutions | Industry / Organisation specific crawling infrastructure | Client specific technology consultation and build |