About Us

Headrun believes deeply in creating a culture that allows innovation and quality to flourish.
This pervades the entire gamut of operations at Headrun from writing code, talking to customers to management methodologies.


We constantly strive for efficiency in ourselves and in the systems we build. We constantly consider questions like "How quickly can I solve this problem?", "What tools do I employ, so I can get this done effortlessly?". We love the notion of a "Lazy programmer" - Do not reinvent the wheel!, Do not repeat yourself. We constantly challenge ourselves to spend less time at something but get more done. We reward employees for doing the same.


We love quality products that we use. We pay gladly for quality services. Headrun respects quality. We emphasise quality conciousness in all at Headrun. We take the thought "This is a product of Headrun. It has to set a new bar." quite seriously.


Do unto others as you would have done to you; Our interactions with each other, the team with an individual, an individual with the team, Us with a client are all governed by this over arching thought. We care about the people around us. We believe that our life is more meaningful when we grow together. As product makers and service providers, we empathise with the customer. We think of ourselves as partners more than vendors.


We always question Status Quo. Why is it this way? Can it not be done like this also? Should be re-evaluate this practice? Can I do it better? - We are not afraid to go into battle mode to bring about change having recognized that "Change is the only thing that is permanent".


Our internal management systems are automated for greater transparency in operations for the benefit of our employees and clients alike.

Our Leadership Team

Raja Sekhar Emmela
Phani Priya
Rishi Mazumdar
Yatish Tedla
HenaVinuthna Pathri
Sindu Teja
Aravind Rajan M
Jaideep Bethala